Darryl Barbee '17


Name: Darryl Barbee

Age: 19

Year: Sophomore

Major: Mathematics

Hometown: Washington, D.C. N.W.

What are some of your Hobbies: Basketball, video games, sleeping, goofing around, hanging out, TURNING UP, grindin’..

What activities do you participate in on campus? Men’s Basketball Team

Relationship Status: Single

3 words to describe yourself: Amiable, affable, humurous

What qualities do you look for in a significant other? Loyal, honest, respectful, caring, intelligent, mildly goofy

What is your favorite or most embarrassing college memory so far?  So far, Midnight Madness 2013 is my favorite memory.

What is your favorite pick-up line: Where you been all my life????

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Somewhere alive doing something

What’s your spirit animal and why? Frogs because they mind their own business

Favorite place in the world: Myrtle Beach and Spain

Who is your Celebrity Crush: Jhene Aiko

Hot or Not?

  • Crop tops? Hot
  • Rompers? Depends, but hot for the most part…

This or That?

  • Make up or no make up?Also, depends
  • Jhené Aiko or BeyoncéIs that a question…Jhené! 

If you could have one super power, what would it be? Teleportation 

It’s a Saturday night, where can you be found? Who knows, somewhere havin it up!

What's your life motto/favorite quote? “Be yourself; Everyone Else is Already Taken.”

If you could be an ice cream flavor, what would it be and why? Rainbow Sherbet because it’s the best!

Who is your favorite artist? Kid Cudi

What is your favorite movie? Despicable Me and This is the End

What’s your ideal date? Day/night at the beach

What is a suprising fact about you? I've never visted the west coast

What are your favorite qualities about you? That I have common sense

What is your quirkiest trait? I have to kill all of my opened apps before I lock my phone everytime