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Beautifully You: How to Be Body Positive

Hello Ladies! Today I wanted touch on a relatively tough subject: body positivity. Since the day I started middle school I have had confidence and body positivity issues. I’m not a size two girl with gorgeous hair, or a pretty face. I was blessed with curves and naturally kind of crazy hair. Don’t get me wrong. I believe every girl is beautiful regardless of shape or size. It just took me a while to realize that about myself. The past me used to avoid mirrors because I didn’t want to see how I looked. I felt like I couldn’t possibly look worse then I already did. I realize today, that was so very wrong and that I needed to make some changes. So lovelies… I want to share with you a few of my body positivity tips to help you kill life with confidence!

1. Build Yourself Up


My first tip for you all is to build yourself up. As said by a character in one of my favorite movies “You is smart, you is kind, you is important” (The Help). Nothing is more true than that. Everyone, in their own unique and individual way, is smart, kind, and important. Like I said, when I was younger, I used to avoid mirrors for the fear of seeing my own reflection. I took that fear was able to turn it into something positive. When I look into the mirror today, no matter how rough I may look or feel, I stare myself straight in the eye and say “You are beautiful and wonderfully made.” Doing this day after day has allowed me to build myself up to the point where I don’t care how bad I feel about myself because I know God made me just the way I am and I shouldn’t want to change that and neither should you. So instead of getting frustrated with how you look or feel, face your fear, look yourself in the mirror, and go on girl, build yourself up! 

2. Play Up Your Natural Features 

Another huge step I took in order to improve my body positivity was to play up my natural features with makeup and working with my natural hair. Many girls think they need to wear more makeup to hide their imperfections and make themselves look “prettier.” Honestly, that is wrong. You can still wear makeup and look beautiful without over doing it. You can play up your natural features to make them the centerpiece of you face, drawing attraction to them and away from spots you don’t like. Say you really like your eyes, focus your makeup attention there. If it’s your face shape, focus on contouring. If it’s your lips, try something bright and if you like your cheeks, play them up with a fun colored blush and a highlighter. Less is more ladies! I promise. 

3. Exercise

That’s right Ladies! Get pumped about exercise. I used to dread going to the gym because I would just get bored with it, but I found a workout technique I feel suited for: Zumba! I would rather be dancing to great music then putting one foot in front of the other on a treadmill. If Zumba isn’t your thing, find something that is. That may be hiking in the woods, running on a trail, or swimming laps in a pool. Whatever it is, I suggest you get to it. It will leave you feeling so much better about yourself. Also if you do choose to go to the gym, or if that is your only option, buy some comfy, but cute, workout clothes, create a playlist, and don’t set an allotted time that you need to be there. Just enjoy it and let the benefits follow!

4. Treat Yourself 

Tip four is crucial to staying body positive! In order to be body positive you must love yourself and treat your body right. At least once a week, if not more, have a spa night. That can simply be a hot shower and a hair treatment. Paint your nails, do your hair, or just have a night in on the couch by yourself. Just do something for you and only you! Quiet time and me time are the most important things a person can do in order to better themselves. You just have to learn how to be you and to love yourself!

5. Buy Something You Feel Great In

The last tip I have for you, is to look like you love yourself. Instead of dressing in sweats or looking like you don’t care how you look, put some effort into your everyday style. Go out and buy an outfit or piece of clothing you feel great in. It can be as simple as a sexy pair of underwear or as extreme as a complete, head to toe, outfit. You must learn to please yourself with how you look and not others. Next time you try something on, think of how you feel in it instead of what others will think. 

I hope you take these tips to heart and learn how to become more body positive. Don’t be afraid to work your curves or tone down your makeup. You are beautifully and wonderfully made. No matter what any one says or thinks, that still remains fact. Bad days will still haunt you, but I hope you all can reach a healthy level of body positivity and kill it with confidence! 

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