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University of Maryland Cancels Group Fitness, Students Prepare for At-Home Workouts

The University of Maryland’s group fitness classes closed Nov. 6, one week early, due to the rise in coronavirus cases in Maryland. Other buildings and services at this university are also being closed after Thanksgiving break in an effort to reduce cases. Although many students were surprised group fitness closed, students are now preparing for at-home workouts throughout the winter break.

Zoe Nicholson, a freshman enrolled in letters and sciences, had been frequently going to cycling and bodypump classes and was disappointed by the early closing. Nicholson felt that these classes were helpful in making the transition to college.

“[Group Fitness] gives me space to breathe and relax and just do what I have to do,” Nicholson said.

Nicholson also joined this university’s CHAARG club, a workout group for women, this semester because she enjoys exercising with a team. She said she will miss that aspect when moving home for the remainder of the semester.

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Freshman communications major Paige Andrus has also found group fitness classes and instructors to be motivating and helpful in achieving her fitness goals. 

“I think RecWell has done a really good job of keeping everyone safe,” Andrus said. 

Andrus is also preparing for at-home workouts on her Peloton and at a cycling studio in her neighborhood. 

“I’m just really bummed that the Mamma Mia cycling class was canceled because I was really looking forward to that one,” Andrus said. 

Sophomore public health science major Raya Seid taught Kettlebell Conditioning and Functional Circuit Training this semester. Seid is also a personal trainer at RecWell and was excited to teach group fitness classes for the first time this fall. 

“As an instructor, I think the awesome thing about groupfit is that it’s a very tight knit, supportive community,” Seid said. “It’s such a great environment to work in.”

Seid shared some of her favorite at home YouTube workouts, including Sarahs Day core workouts and Les Mills HIIT workouts. She also enjoys workouts from Natacha Océane, Meggan Grubb, Taylor Chamberlain-Dilk and Sami Clark, all of whom she follows on her fitness Instagram account.

Sophomore government and politics and international business major Audrey Severn also utilized group fitness classes when leading a workout group for CHAARG. She plans to continue using Les Mills on Demand this winter but also recommends Popsugar on YouTube and Yoga With Adriene

Nicholson is expecting to return to her workout strategies from the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, running and using at home equipment. 

Seid also emphasized the importance of listening to your body and taking breaks as needed. In the initial quarantine, Seid struggled with motivation and lost some of her progress but did not give up. 

“I would say my biggest advice is don’t be too hard on yourself,” Seid said. “Eventually you’ll get to your end goal and just trust that process.”

Madelyn Willoughby is a junior majoring in journalism and minoring in business at the University of Maryland. She is Her Campus Maryland's audience engagement editor.
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