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The Top 10 Struggles of being a Transfer Student at UMD

Being a transfer student is always a big adjustment, both good and bad. There are a lot of challenges and benefits of switching to a new school, especially with a population of over 27,000 undergrads. From making new friends, learning your way around campus and understanding the Terrapin way of life, here is a list of 10 GIFs only UMD transfer students would understand.

1. Sporting your favorite UMD attire after orientation

2. Falling in love with a new face on campus every day

3. The painful process of getting all your credits transferred 

4. Realizing that “the mall” isn’t where people go to shop, and “the stamp” isn’t where you go to get mail

5. Your first attempt at navigating the Testudo website

6. When people ask what year you are and you realize your response is equivalent to “freshman status”

7. Getting your first low grade after being the top of your class from your previous school

8. Experiencing the College Park party scene for the first time

9. Trying to make new friends when everyone has already established their social circles

10. Accepting the harsh reality that you probably won’t graduate on time

Surviving your first semester as a UMD transfer student…


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