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Mckeldin Mall area on UMD campus
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Tips for Newcomers to the University of Maryland Campus

When it comes to the University of Maryland, College Park campus, its brick layout across a wide expanse of land can seem overwhelming for many students, especially freshmen and transfers. 

Newcomers to the campus may worry themselves over finding classes, meeting people and just overall becoming acclimated to campus life.  With classes back in-person it has become a lot more stressful for some students to connect with others. 

Erin Connolly, a sophomore microbiology major, suggested talking to people in classes.

“They also want to meet new friends, and probably have the same questions that you do,” Connolly said. Connolly also wants students to know that it’s okay for them to walk by themselves. Whether it be to class, to get food, going to the gym, etc., you may not always have a friend with you.

Lauren Keen, a senior behavioral health major, suggested to newcomers that getting involved in whatever they can is a great way to get acclimated with campus life. 

“The First Look Fair’s definitely a really great resource,” she said. Keen also added that being friendly in your classes is an effective way of making connections. “That’s a great way to meet people in your majors or just other people in general.”

Lydia Hurley, a sophomore journalism and government and politics double major, advised students to learn more about the campus itself and its surrounding areas. Hurley noted that due to the pandemic, classes were on Zoom, and now with classes returning to in-person learning, she did not get to know the campus fully. “How to use the metro, the bus… where things are in terms of North and South… makes it a lot easier when you’re trying to get places,” she said. 

“Join a lot of clubs, it makes the school feel smaller and helps you meet people,” Hurley added. She explained that school can be tiring on its own and that joining clubs, Greek life, sports, etc., makes it easier to find and connect with people. 

“I wouldn’t do college without it,” said Hurley.

Sophomore at the University of Maryland. Continuing my journey in journalism piece by piece.
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