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Pinterest for the Holidays

Pinterest is usually reserved for surfing pictures that make you wish you had a bigger closet, make you want to start a new work out plan, and rev up your interest in do-it-yourself crafts and home decor. Though most of the pins on the website usually make “pinners” realize how incredibly un-artistic and inept at clever cupcake decorating they are, there are some pins that can actually make Christmas a little bit cuter this year and that are still completely doable.

In particular, it’s sometimes tough for college students to get in the Christmas spirit when they’re stuck studying for finals halfway into December. In dorms without kitchens with no way to cook and drab dorm rooms with concrete walls, getting in the mood for the holidays is sometimes near impossible. But these few Pinterest recipes and craft ideas are pins that any college student can make and can help keep Christmas cheer going during finals.

I always find myself getting pretty (but ultimately useless) Christmas cards from relatives throughout the days after Thanksgiving. A perfect way to decorate your room at school can come right from Christmas cards like these. All you need to do is cut circles out of Christmas cards laid flat, and scallop the edges (or do any kind of decorative cut you like). Pull the circle into a cone shape and then tape the cones on top of one another. Make sure you cut the base in a straight circle so it stands up straight and add a bow or star to the tip to top it off!  

But more important than decorations (as always for college students), is food. Most of the time, seemingly simple Pinterest recipes for mini gingerbread men turn into burnt, deformed stick figures. But Pinterest has finally acknowledged that most of their followers aren’t professional chefs and has made the “6 Easiest Christmas Recipes” on Pinterest. The two best snacks for college students are the red pepper, mozzarella and basil kabobs and the strawberry Santas- these two are my particular favorites because they require no cooking and hardly any slicing (the rest of the easy and delicious snacks on the list are included in the link below). All that these recipes require is a quick trip to the grocery store, for the most part.

For the kabobs, buy roasted red peppers in a jar, mozzarella balls (also in a jar) and basil leaves. Just slice the red peppers into strips and wrap them around the mozzarella balls. Secure the bundle with a toothpick through the middle and a basil leaf in the center. The savory little pops are not only delicious but make a perfect Christmas stack with their colors. The strawberry Santas are an even easier dessert. Slice the leaves off of the strawberries so that their tops are flat, then slice the pointed tip off of the other end. Fill the space between the point and strawberry with a layer of whipped cream and then add whipped cream buttons to the front to make a mini Santa with a hat.

Try some of these Pinterest finds if you’re looking for an easy and quick way to get bring some holiday cheer to finals week!


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