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HC Maryland’s Favorite Shoe Trends for Spring

We’ve finally hit April and it’s beginning to feel like spring! With the change in season comes the opportunity to go shoe shopping! Here are the latest Spring trends in the shoe department to make sure your collection is up-to-date and fun for the new season:

Ankle Cuff/Strap Heels

Source: Pinterest.com

Source: Whippedstyle.com

There’s just something about having a random cuff or strap around your ankle that is so sexy! When these kinds of shoes are worn with skirts or dresses they make your legs look absolutely stunning! It gives your legs the appearance of looking long and lean


Cut-out Wedges

Source: Glamour.com

Everyone knows that wedges are a Spring/Summer shoe, but the cutout puts a little twist on them! Cutouts make the shoe look more dynamic, also making your foot look a little sleeker. Take your outfit up a notch by pairing a skirt or dress with a set of these!

Mesh Heels

Source: Thecocoblog.com

Mesh heels filled the runway at New York Fashion Week, and it’s hardly a surprise. Mesh heels are going to be huge this Spring. They’re a stunning piece of footwear and they’re remarkably versatile. They can be perfect for formal occasions but they’re also fun shoes that can be worn in casual situations.

Lace-up Heels

Source: Dulcecandy.com

Lace-up heels are a bit edgy and take some effort to pull off, but if done well they can look gorgeous. Because lace-up heels are so dramatic, they should be the focus of your outfit. Keep the rest of your outfit pretty simple and let your feet do the talking!


White Pumps

Source: Glamour.com

White is. by far, the more versitile of colors. It is a known fact that white can be worn with anything, and now that the ancient “no white” rule has been abolished, go crazy with white pumps!

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