Funniest Moments from Tuesday's Counter-Protest

Content Warning: This article mentions rape and vulgar language

If you’re a student at the University of Maryland, you probably heard about Tuesday’s events on McKeldin Mall. If you missed it, here’s a short explanation of how events unfolded. On Tuesday morning, four members of the Key of David Christian Center came to the center of campus welding signs meant to anger passers, with slogans such as “Cover-up girls”, and “Let the women learn under all subjugation” (what’s this last one implying, exactly? I’m not sure, but I hate it). If that’s not already bad enough, the four demonstrators, two of which were underage, taunted students by asking if they have been raped or if they planned on being raped solely based on what they were wearing. 

Photo courtesy of Laine Napoli


While this is a pretty horrible scene to imagine, let alone to encounter unsuspectingly on your way to class, there is a silver lining. One could say it’s how beautifully our student body came together to counter-protest, the impromptu band that formed to play peaceful music, or even the powerful displays of female defiance that ensued. But for me personally, I absolutely loved the hilarious reactions and moments that came to be as a result of Tuesday’s events. Below is a list of the absolute funniest posts and pictures I could round up post-counter-protest. 

Of course, @barstoolumd appears at the top of the list with their compilation of hilarious signs seen at the counter-protest. My personal favorite? “EDUROAM SUCKS” and the sign holder’s perpetual frowny face. 

This image, in reference to the Supreme Court case Morse v. Frederick, which ultimately limited student’s free speech rights.

Photo by Steph Chistoserdov

A tweet by Jillian Atelsec, news editor of The Diamondback. Honestly, the sarcasm in this tweet perfectly sums up how I feel about all of the signs they brought. 

Photo by Jilian Atelsec

A friend of mine, Brittany Williams, was the supplier of the infamous dildo; here’s a hilarious image she sent to me of the device en route to the counter-protest.


Photo by Brittany Williams

This sign, an image posted by @blacksheep_umd, encapsulates my exact first thoughts when I heard about what the demonstration was about. 

Photo Courtesy of @blacksheep_umd

Last but certainly not least, a text sent from a friend in a personal group chat of mine. The woman mentioned is clearly not only intelligent but bold and a complete badass for what she did today. #respect. 


Photo by Winter Spray