Bernie Sanders Coming to UMD Campus To Encourage College Students To Vote

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On Wednesday, Oct. 3 at 8:00 p.m. in the Gildenhorn Recital Hall in The Clarice, the The New York Times is presenting the “Get With The Times: Turn Up the Turnout with Bernie Sanders.”



Along with Sen. Sanders, New York Times National Political Correspondent Alex Burns will be there to help facilitate the discussion.

Tickets for the event sold out within five minutes of becoming available, creating already a long waitlist many students are eager to get off of.

Get With The Times is a series The New York Times is hosting to try and encourage college students to get more involved in elections and most importantly, to vote. The main theme of the Bernie event will explain what issues pertain to college students in this upcoming midterm election in November.

Students have mixed opinions about Sanders coming to speak on campus; some think it might be polarized to one side. McCall Johnson, a junior environmental science and policy major, is excited about the event.


(Alex Wong/Getty Images)

“I feel like my life isn’t real. I’m starstruck,” Johnson said. When asked about the choice of Bernie as the speaker representing The New York Times, Johnson was very supportive.

“He really does well with the younger demographic,” Johnson said. “His vision is about the future, our future, not money hungry companies ruling our lives.”

Oppositely, senior Zoey Stump, an animal science and biology double major, thinks it’s a cool event, but wishes more voices were participating.

“I think it’s awesome that UMD is bringing in such a prominent and influential political figure,” Stump said. “I think it would be cool to bring in an opposing figurehead for a debate, that way we learn from both sides. Either way, it’s pretty dank he’s coming to UMD, I respect that.”

While other students are excited, others didn’t even know the event was happening.

“Wait Bernie Sanders is coming to campus? I think I live under a rock,” said senior Helena Ottaviano, an IVSP/Themed Entertainment Design major.

While tickets are already sold out, you can still put your name on the waitlist by emailing [email protected]. If someone returns a ticket, the Clarice will reach out to the next person on the list. On Oct. 3, there will also be a standby line starting at 5 p.m. for people who weren't able to get a ticket, including those who are on the waitlist. The Clarice will max the line to 300 people, but if by 7:30 p.m. there are tickets that have not yet been claimed at will-call they will be given to those waiting in line.