All Terp Spirit All the Time: With Kieran O'Connor

Name: Kieran O’Connor

Year: Freshman

Major: Middle School Math and Science Education

Hometown: Crofton, MD

Q: How do you try to bring out Terp spirit as a student?

I think one of the best ways to show Terp spirit is simply by being enthusiastic about all of my involvements. Whether these are academic endeavors or extra-curricular, I always attempt to be the best Terp possible and show off school colors, too!

Q: How does being an orientation advisor bring out your school spirit?

Being an OA has given me the opportunity to learn so much about UMD that I can now share the wealth. Even if it's someone who is already a Terp, it's great knowing that my knowledge can help someone in a time of crisis. As new Terps start rolling in, I am excited to show them some of our rituals as well as help them get accommodated to our glorious home!


Q: What made you want to apply to be an orientation advisor?

I applied because I LOVED my OA, Melanie! She seemed like she loved UMD so much and it inspired me to get involved on campus. When I heard applications had opened, I went to an open house and absolutely LOVED the spirit of all the staff!

Q: What is your goal as an OA?

I want to be the same calming presence my OA was for me during my transition. The high school-post secondary transition is one of the largest times in a person’s life. If I can help to ease any stress or even just serve as a resource, I want to be there for it.

Q: What’s the best thing about being an OA?

The other people on staff within the Orientation department truly show off how much spirit is shared within the UMD community. No matter how different we all may be, we all come together around UMD and it is absolutely inspiring!

Q: How do you want to promote school spirit to fellow or future students?

I think the best way to promote school spirit is by encompassing it yourself. By being a role model, you show all of the amazing perks of showcasing TERP PRIDE! Future Terps are getting their first true taste of Maryland at Orientation and being enthusiastic will, in turn, encourage them to showcase the same qualities.