5 Indoor Activities for REALLY Cold Days

Imagine this: it’s 10am on a Sunday in March and the Weather Channel says it’s only 18 degrees outside, 13 degrees with the wind chill. The high temperature of the day is a frigid 25 degrees – perfect weather to stay inside huddled in a blanket.

You eye the books on your desk with disdain before you get up and greet your roommates. Each of you realizes as you’re chatting over a cup of coffee that there’s nothing to do, besides homework. What now?


Here’s five fun things to do when it’s too cold to step foot outside your door.


Cook Something Together

Sharing food with the people you care about is a great bonding experience. Make something with your roommates, whether it’s cookies you can frost together or a three-course meal. Trying a new recipe can quickly become an all-day affair with delicious results.

Play Board Games

No one is too old to play a board game. Classics like Monopoly or Uno are perfect for making (or breaking) your relationship with your roommates. Newer games like Pie Face and 5 Second Rule help time pass and bring out your inner child.

Adult Coloring Books

Intricate coloring books have been a huge trend lately, and they’re great for decorating your bare apartment walls. Some have perforated pages that are easy to tear. Grab some coloring books, colored pencils and make wall art to frame later.

Spa Day

Rather than just using snow days to catch up on homework, recharging yourself will help you tackle your assignments later. Use sheet masks, light an aromatic candle and paint each others nails. You’ll go back to class with glowing skin, pretty fingers and more energy.


Get Crafty

Unleash your inner Martha Stewart and pick up a couple craft kits to spruce up your place. Although designed for kids, Craft-Tastic makes kits for string art and yarn that you can easily use to make something cool. Get on Pinterest for inspiration and craft away.

Making the most of your day off doesn’t have to mean resorting to studying. Taking a break from the books and enjoying time with your roommates will help you achieve better balance.