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10 Things to Do Before You Graduate UMD

From getting a promotion, to striving towards a 4.0 GPA, it’s important to set academic goals. However, it’s also important to set social goals. And making a bucket list is the perfect way to do so. 

A bucket list typically involves a list of places to travel to and things to see, but a bucket list that pertains to your college experience specifically, makes it easier to check off while also making the most out of your time on campus. Here are a 10 things to help you get started!

1. Go to a game.

Whether or not you like sports (or even understand them), try going to at least one sporting event. To take it one step further, make it a goal to go to at least one game for every sport offered on campus. The student section is filled with school spirit, and you also get to support fellow Terps.

2. Eat at the Maryland Dairy.

For some reason, ice cream at The Dairy is so addicting! It’s also something most prospective families try to get when visiting campus. There are multiple flavors to choose from, and it works as a great treat after a huge project or exam.

3. Sit on McKeldin Mall and do absolutely nothing.

Walking to class, we can typically see other students sitting in a hammock or on a blanket doing homework. I have always envied their ability to do so. I constantly walk through McKeldin to get to my classes, but I never have the time to just sit down. But a bucket list is supposed to get you out of your comfort zone. Make time. This university has a beautiful campus and we should take advantage of it by sitting down on the mall and taking it all in.

4. Go to a show at The Clarice.

The Clarice has Free UMD Student Ticket Mondays, when students have the opportunity to get tickets for all the events FREE of charge. Even if you can’t go to a show, at least visit the building (or any other building you have never been in but are always curious about). There is just something about walking around the building that feels artistic and inspiring–as if you’re a part of something big.

5. Take at least one class YOU want to take.

There isn’t much leeway with what classes you can take for your major requirements. However, when you do have the chance, take classes that will teach you something new and exciting. You may even find that you want to major or minor in something else. Taking classes on topics you actually want to learn about adds character and makes you an overall well-rounded person. And when you’re in on a topic you actually care about, you become a lot more engaged. 

6. Take part in a UMD ritual.

UMD has tons of rituals that have been adopted by its students. Just take your pick and roll with it. Although it is in no way necessary, it can be kind of fun having something to look forward to. For example, before exams, some students put “offerings” in front of Testudo in hopes of doing well. Some other examples include getting under the big flag at a sports game while it is passes through the student section or jumping into the McKeldin fountain.

7. Go to Maryland Day.

Maryland Day is another event to show off your Maryland pride. They have a lot of different food and fun activities. It’s also an event that a lot of families and interested students attend, which creates an overall warm, welcoming atmosphere.

8. Attend Art Attack.

Art Attack is a huge concert put on by Student Entertainment Events (SEE). It’s a great opportunity for students and their friends to get hyped up and have an exciting, music-filled night. There are also day events that typically have giveaways and other fun activities. Last year, they even had puppies!

9. Take a group fitness class at Eppley. 

 As a student, you can get a “free” membership (with some restrictions), which allows you to take classes at the gym because its cost is included in your tuition and fees. Eppley offers various classes to help you stay in shape, stay motivated and also make new friends.

10. Take advantage of free stuff.

 There are tons of opportunities on campus to get free stuff. As college students, we are typically on a budget, so it is amazing when there are giveaways (especially on game day). The First Look Fair is also a great way to get free stuff as well as learn about different clubs and organizations to join!

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