Surviving Dead Week

We have finally made it. The last two weeks of the semester have arrived, and we are all feeling the consequences of putting off all our work. Although we do this every year, we never remember just how bad dead week and finals really are. 

Dead week. More like hell week. A week where we are supposed to have lots of time to study slowly becomes the week all assignments are due. When I was a freshman, I always wondered why dead week was actually called dead week, and then I experienced it. The stress of the entire semester falls on your shoulders like a ton of bricks and you become so physically and emotionally exhausted, you feel dead. 

In order to help out myself and the rest of our student body, I have a few helpful tips for this week. Number one should be ‘don’t procrastinate’, but we are all way past that point. 

  • TRY to get rest.  Although sleeping is the last thing on our list of things to do this week, we have to at least rest some. Most of our sleeping hours are taken up by study hours in Drinko, but do me and yourself a favor, and at least take a little cat nap every now and then. You’ll feel much more focused with some sleep. 
  • Drink lots of fluids. With all the stress your body is under, you are more likely to get sick. This is clearly NOT the time to get sick. Drink lots of water this week, and try some green or chamomile tea so give your immune system a little boost. 
  • Don’t stress so much.  More than likely, you are stressing out too much. Test anxiety gets the best of you, you think you’re failing everything, and you think all your teachers are out to get you. Not the case. Take a deep breath, a sip of tea, and a little nap, and you won't be so stressed. I promise!

Good luck with finals next week!