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Each crystal has unique metaphysical properties that can help you live your best possible life, but before you utilize any crystal be sure to cleanse and change it with your specific intentions. My personal favorite way to do this is to set your crystals next to selenite while telling yourself what you want to get out of them. These crystals will help you be your best self this school year: 

  1. Amethyst  

Amethyst is a NECESSITY!  Not only does this stone assist in opening your third eye, but it also is a great help with anxiety. I like to keep amethyst in my backpack when I’m on my way to classes or to go study to keep myself calm and focused on my work. 

  1. Carnelian  

Carnelian is my number one motivator. It gives you energy and confidence to go about your day and complete everything as though you’ve slept a whole 8 hours and downed multiple oat milk lattes. It also helps bring passion into both your everyday and sex life. 

  1. Black Tourmaline  

If you do not already own Black Tourmaline then I am seriously concerned about your energy. Black Tourmaline is one of the best protective stones and gets rid of all your negative energy. It cleanses your space so you are only surrounded by positive energy (I like to keep some by my door to keep my neighbor away). 

  1. Fluorite  

Fluorite is known for bringing mental clarity. This stone is ideal for test taking by helping you to focus on the questions and clear your mind of any distractions. It has been referred to as the ‘genius’ stone, which is obviously what everyone will call you once you start working with it. 

  1. Sodalite  

Sodalite is amazing for any spiritual work. It heightens your intuition, allowing you to make correct decisions. If you are someone (like me) who somehow never seems to know any of the answers despite studying all night, then this crystal is for you and will guide you towards the correct answer.  

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