Remember to Take Care of Yourself

It is crucial to make taking care of yourself a priority, especially in college. You need to have the discipline to motivate yourself to do things: wake up early, make your bed, shower, eat breakfast, and get ready for the day ahead. When you make plans for the day, do not flake, make yourself follow through with them. Make yourself go to all your classes and take notes and really learn the material so you do well. Put your phone away while you're in class and just listen. What is the point of going to class if you're not there mentally? Make sure you give your time away to the people in your life that matter most to you. Your time is the most precious thing, be selfish with it, don't waste it on toxic people or things you don't enjoy doing. Be around people who make you love the person you are when you are around them. Take care of yourself, exercise often, drink water, eat healthy but also eat what you want in moderation. Care about your education and your grades, because it matters. You are your greatest investment in your life so better yourself every single day. Every day you get the chance to wake up and live your life in the best way you possibly can. So do it. Exhaust yourself and give it your all, because this is what matters most each and every day. This is it. This is your life. Take advantage of today, tomorrow, and every day after that. Write down what you want and motivate yourself to work tirelessly towards it taking it a day at a time. This is your life. Don’t waste it.