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National Marquette Day Checklist

With National Marquette Day, you must make sure you are prepared for the most anticipated holiday of the year. Here is a checklist to make sure that you make most of the day – making college memories that will last a lifetime!

The Outfit

This important aspect should be planned the most advanced – simply because it will take time to gather the right pieces to stand out. Whether you purchase key pieces, or do a tradeoff with your friends, find an outfit that will make you feel confident, yet comfortable. Remember, we are currently trying to recover from the polar vortex trying to survive through the grueling Wisconsin winter. So please check the weather and bundle up out there. You will definitely be focusing on enjoying yourself rather than paying attention to the cold!


This is the most important meal of the day! If you usually skip breakfast, make a strong effort to avoid doing so for this occasion. It will essentially give you the energy you need to last all day and survive what the long day has in store. We all know boozing on an empty stomach never ends well, so remember to eat up!

The Pregame ~for those of age~

If done right, this pretty much paints for how your whole day is going to go. So make sure you know your limits and don’t get too ahead of yourself. Since pregaming is going to start a lot earlier than usual, there is no harm in doing it in conjunction with breakfast. Mimosas anyone? 

The Game 

Funny how will all the commotion going on, we forget the real reason for this day. Support all things Marquette by actually attending the game or heading over to a local bar to stay up to date on the score! 

Celebrate hard and stay safe! 


Fashion, girly, outgoing, is the game, and Diana Banzon is the name! I'm a a small town girl from Rochester, Minnesota living it up in the big city of Milwaukee. I gravitate toward living a life full of creativity, which correlate to my Public Relations major under the Communication School at Marquette.
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