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More Than A Nightmare: Sleep Paralysis

More than a Nightmare

At the end of the day, everyone has a different process of getting ready for bed. Some prefer to go to bed early, while others seek the beauty of the late night and wait until after midnight or later to finally go to bed.

Shortly after heads hits the pillow, and eyelids grow heavy, a person is on their way to dreamland as they drift off for a refreshing night’s sleep, or at least that is how it is supposed to be.

For some, it probably isn’t long after they feel awake due to some distress. They do not know exactly how long they have been asleep, since a concept of time does not really exist when one is sleeping, but I’m sure all people who have ever experienced this will say that they were not asleep for very long. It all starts when the eyes open, it could either be due to a noise or a reaction response.

The next several hours are going to be rough, and until the night ends, this is what is perceived as reality for the people who have dealt with this experience. Sleep paralysis can manifest in many ways, but almost all experiences are terrifying. Whether it is an out of body experience, a physical experience, or some other experience, people who have dealt with sleep paralysis will tell you that it is something that they do not want to experience again.

Although an out of body experience of sleep paralysis is a lot like lucid dreaming, it is just as terrifying as any other sleep paralysis episode. An out of body experience is when you can see yourself from outside of your body. This may sound confusing, but it is essentially you standing over yourself as you watch your figure lay in bed, asleep. You know you are asleep, however, and you know that you are watching yourself sleep from a point of view that isn’t through your eyes. It is almost like you are watching a movie of yourself. You see yourself toss and turn, in a time lapse, almost like one of those trippy scenes form a horror movie. As you are watching this happen, time is moving slow, it is almost moving backwards. It is quite an unsettling experience, especially if it happens often.

For me personally, every time I closed my eyes, I saw myself ready to analyze my sleeping figure, and the only thing that was on my mind is when things will go back to normal? I just wanted to sleep in peace, but it felt like this was a new normal for me.

When I finally wake up, I am exhausted and still have to continue with my normal day. Sleep paralysis, especially when it is an out of body experience, may seem like a trippy adventure, it is not something I would wish on anyone.






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