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As a child I used to think that feelings were simply labels and they could only consist of: “Happy,” “sad,” or “mad.”

Yet now that I am twenty years old I have come to the realization that feelings are the big things, larger than just a one or two syllable word can convey. Feelings are when your expectations are surprisingly surpassed or driving alone at night with the windows rolled down listening to your guilty pleasure Spotify playlists. They are hearing a good song by a talented artist and a beautiful sunset with a blend of colors you’ve never seen before but familiar company around you.

Feelings are conversations that finally happened and conversations that never should have happened, the way things used to be and the ways they have changed. The word cherish reminds me of the moment at the end of every cliche hit movie where everything works out in a big and cheesy happy ending.

However, I think cherishing moments and people are things people should prioritize more often. Remember how things felt in certain moments and store them as lessons, don’t just turn those feelings into fleeting memories of nostalgia. Let gratitude be known and allow life to have all its meaning and feelings that it brings.

Emma McDevitt

Marquette '20

Hello, I am Emma McDevitt! I am a Junior at Marquette University and studying Marketing & Advertising. 
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