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Blue Light Glasses: Helpful or Hoax?

Three words: Blue Light Glasses. Beneficial or a hoax? I invested in a pair to find out if the craze on these sight-saving glasses is worth it!  

Blue light blocking glasses have lenses that limit exposure to blue light, which is the dangerous lighting that can damage our retinas, which may lead to blindness. Blue light can be in a variety of things that emit light such as cell phones and computers (leading cause of blue light-induced eye damage), certain light bulbs, and even the sun! These glasses were created to reduce the chance of eye strain while using a computer or cell phone, as well as potential eye damage years after screen usage.  


As a college student who can spend upward of 7 hours every day looking at a computer, I knew that I needed to try these glasses out. Over the years, I have also noticed my eyes taking a shorter and shorter time to strain while I am looking at a screen. My eyes are still young, so now is the time to keep them healthy!  


After doing research on the many different kinds that are available (some as cheap as $7 on Amazon), I was ironically gifted a pair from my aunt! Since December, I have been using the Cyxus Blue Light Blocking Glasses. They have a 5 star review on the Cyxus website!  


The first time I wore them was laying in my dorm bed before my first day of second semester. I put on my blue light glasses and watched Tik Toks on my phone and scrolled through social media for probably about an hour! The glasses do not affect the coloring of the screen, so it was difficult to tell if they were working or not. However, when I woke up the next morning, my eyes felt so awake and, for a lack of better words, just healthy! They did not feel tired or strained at all.  


I try to use the glasses as often as I remember, whether that be when I am checking my phone in the morning, doing schoolwork throughout the day, or at night before bed. My favorite time to use them, though, is right before bed. The blockage of blue light to my eyes make it easier to fall asleep and make my eyes feel more alive when I wake up in the morning.  


Without using the blue light blocking glasses, my eyes adjust the way that they always have. My eyes have been looking at screens for years. But, when I use these glasses, I feel more awake and am able to focus more. I especially love using these because I know that I will be benefiting myself in the future. Technology and screens are a major part of our future, and it is great that I am able to protect my eyes early on!  


If you are a college student, have a desk job, or generally look at screens throughout the day, seriously consider investing in a pair of blue-light glasses. I promise, your health and productivity will spike once you put these on your face!  

Also, who doesn’t love a cute accessory?  


If you are considering investing in a pair of glasses, check out the ones I bought!

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