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A Midpoint Reflection: Looking Back at What I’ve Learned as I Approach Junior Year

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Marist chapter.

My sophomore year is coming to a close and I am halfway through college. In the very short time I have been at Marist College, I have learned so much about myself, about the people around me and the world I live in.

1. It doesn’t matter how tired you are, go to club meetings. As a freshman, I strongly detested club meetings that started at 9:15/9:30, therefore never going. But I learned it’s better to put on your big girl shoes, stay up a little later and be social and meet new people than to do what you really want which is stay in bed.

2. Not everyone you be friends with, will stay your friends. This is a particular hard lesson for me because I hate losing the people who supported me and respected me. I learned that sometimes people are going to leave your life and it’s not because they don’t like you or they are too busy for you. It’s that they serve no purpose to benefiting you and had to leave. Let them leave. If they really wanted to be in your life, they would put in the effort.

3. Your mental health comes before grades, always. As someone who suffers from severe anxiety, and is a complete perfectionist, getting a bad grade is bad, but getting multiple bad grades is devastating. Don’t push yourself to your breaking point. Make a routine for yourself that gives you space and time to relax. Meditate, go to a yoga class, go for a jog, paint, draw, etc. Whatever it is that relaxes you, do it. Set aside a certain amount of time and do just that.

4. Take. Care. Of. Yourself. I cannot stress this enough. Go to the gym, walk for 20 minutes a day, make sure you are eating enough, getting enough sleep, etc. I swear taking care of yourself will help you spiritually and mentally.

5. Not every day can be pajama day. I am very big on wearing pajamas and for my morning classes, I often times wear pajamas or leggings and a sweatshirt. While it’s always fun to be comfy and cozy, your confidence will thank you for waking up early, putting on a nice dress and styling your hair and doing your makeup.

6. Be curious about the world. The earth is so fascinating and the people on it are extraordinary. There are so many different stories and beliefs and values to be shared, it’d be hard to miss and be curious about it. Read the news, see what’s happening in the world.

7. We only have one life, live it. I was made very much aware of my own mortality after my grandma passed away a few months ago. I grieved and I am still grieving for her. This past semester, I refused to take risks and try new things and my mental health prevented me from truly enjoying my life. Sometimes, I learned that I only have one life and I am going to regret just sitting on my bed, sulking and watching Kardashian videos on Instagram. Over spring break, I vowed to do more interesting things and actually came up with a bucket list to accomplish before the year ends. It is totally safe to go out of your comfort zone and sometimes we need to do just that to truly live. If you feel like you’re going out of your comfort zone for something, go even further, break it even more, take control of your life.






Katie Wolfe

Marist '21

Hi! I'm Katie, I'm a sophomore studying film production at Marist College and I love hanging out with my friends and family but you'll also catch me nerding out over That 70s Show, the Office, true crime documentaries and anything disney. I love anything music and pop culture related.