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Today, March 24 of 2018, marks a monumental, and long over-due, day in world history.  Hundreds of thousands of people have gathered around the globe to demand action against gun violence after a year of devastating losses.  Today is a day where we not only remember those who were taken by malicious acts of violence, but also act towards enforcing real change to ensure that these violent acts never happen again.  

The movement to put an end to gun violence and to enact stricter gun control laws is extremely important, and the Never Again movement led by Parkland students has been endlessly inspiring.  Young people are demanding that changes be made, and their efforts have been extraordinarily impactful.  Today’s march, and the movements led by students, are only the beginning in creating a world of peace, because no one should fear going to a theater, or a concert, or a night club, or a place of worship, or a school.  The time has come time and time again for the government to make changes, and the movement will not stop until these changes are met. 

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