How I Survived Midterm Week: Makeup Meme Edition

Midterm week is always a long week with tests and papers. Makeup is my saving grace, so I am going to show you my midterm week as explained by makeup memes. And let me tell you, this is depicts my week perfectly!


What am I going to do with all of my makeup?  Take a study break!!

The selfie lighting struggle when taking a quick study break because the lighting in the library is questionable… need I say more?

Actually, washing my makeup brushes sounds better than making a finance cheat sheet!!

But, Ryan already washed them since you have been working so hard!

More like, when I do a full contour to treat myself for working hard the night before! Let’s be real, I earned it!


The Tuesday night stroll past the Chanel counter and Macy’s and the self-control not to splurge to reward myself for studying!! I actually left with no makeup-- I’m still in disbelief!Leaving Midterm week like


Good luck on Midterms!! Here’s some final stretch motivation!!