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1. Snowman making 

This is pretty simple and easy to do. It’s a fun activity, anyone can do it, and all you really need is snow, sticks, and some winter accessories to dress up the snowman. He can be a pal as long as it stays cold, and put a smile on other’s faces as well.

2. Snowball fight! 

Perfect way for a group of friends to hangout. It’s like gym class, only with your friends instead of sweaty middle-schoolers. It’s a good bonding time, and everyone will get a little cold and have a lot of fun.

3. Making snow angels 

This is something easy to do. Just pull on a winter coat, snow-pants/pants you do not care if they get wet, and just hop in the snow! This can be combined with other ideas on the list, and is a fun way to just channel your inner child.

4. Go for a walk 

Snow is a beautiful sight, especially just after a snowfall. When the snow is falling, as long as you’re not in class, take a walk. You can see all the fresh footprints, both animal and human, and appreciate your surroundings. Plus, if you go with a friend or two, you can explore new parts of campus/your town or stop and just enjoy the snowfall. It is a great way to get outdoors, get some exercise, and it’s better than watching Netflix every day.

5. Get a sled 

This is the perfect way to have some fun. All you need is a hill and a sled, and you can spend hours flying down.

6. Weekend trip 

This is definitely the most expensive thing on the list, but the most fun. It can be a weekend of tubing, skiing, or snowboarding. You can spend it at a resort or in a friend’s cabin.

No matter what you do, getting out in the snow is a great way to have some wintery fun.

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