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5 One Minute, Last-Minute Exercises for Spring Break

Although spring break is right around the corner, dealing with the constant snow and cold temperatures in Poughkeepsie makes it hard to exercise. These easy toning exercises will get you in the spirit for spring break without needing to journey to the gym for equipment. Not to mention, it’s a great break from midterm studying! For a full body workout, try doing each exercise for one minute each.

The Staircase Calf Raise

Have access to a staircase? Then that’s all you need to do this exercise. Stand on one step with your feet close together and your heels hanging off the edge. Lower your heels towards the step below you and then bring them up as if you are on your tippy toes. Continue lowering and raising your heels for the full minute. This one may feel easy at first but you will quickly feel the burn up your legs as you strengthen your calves.

The Penguin Side Ab

This one may look a little silly but it’s an effective way to tone the sides of your abs. Lie on a carpeted surface with your feet flat on the floor. Extend your arms to your sides and rotate back and forth as you try to touch your hand to your foot on either side. You should feel like a wobbling penguin.

The Arm ABCs

For this exercise, pick an object that you can hold with straight arms for a minute. This could be a soup can, a small textbook or anything else that is comfortable to hold. Now, straighten both arms and grip the object with both hands. Write the alphabet in the air until one minute has passed, making each letter big and clear.

The Donkey Kick

Go back to your carpeted surface in table top position with your hands and knees on the ground. Slowly raise one leg up and back so it is either directly behind yourself or slightly above your head. Keep alternating your legs to tone your glutes.

The Leg Raise and Drop

Lie on your back with your legs up in the air as close to a 90 degree angle as feels comfortable. Slowly lower both legs at the same time until they are hovering slightly above the ground. Do not let your leg touch the floor. Pause here and then lift then back up in the air again. Keep repeating until the minute is up.


After these five minutes you will have had a fitness workout targeting your body from head to toe while staying warm in your own house or dorm. Enjoy spring break!

Lizzy is a co-campus correspondent at Marist College where she is majoring in communication and minoring in studio art, spanish and psychology. She runs for the cross country and track teams, is a member of the dance ensemble and PRSSA and serves as the Class of 2016 President. Lizzy is a self-diagnosed peanut butter addict and a fan of snail mail. Follow her on Twitter @ellpeps.
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