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Why You Should Watch Netflix’s New Movie “Moxie”

I recommend this movie because I can say with full certainty if the reader of this article watches it they will enjoy it. Netflix’s new movie Moxie, directed by and featuring Amy Pohler, introduces a diverse cast of budding actors.

The film shows a high school plagued by injustice and sexist behavior from the male students, including ranking and harassing female students. Inspired by early feminist protests, high school Junior Vivan starts a feminist zine around the school to highlight the mistreatment the female students are faced with. The zine’s clever nickname, Moxie, is meant to comment negatively on the kinds of words often used towards women.

The movie features Nico Hiragua, most notably for his appearance in the film Booksmart, who plays Vivian’s love interest. His character stands out for supporting the feminist protests started by Moxie. Hiragua’s character is meant to be one of the few positive male characters in the movie, as nearly all the male characters are notably prejudiced towards women.

One aspect of the movie which makes it unique from other films of this category is the diversity and range of the cast. While there is an obvious protagonist, the film focuses less on her than a typical movie would. Instead, it spotlights the struggles of Vivan’s friends. The intersectionality of the movie creates a wider range of lived experiences for the audience to connect with. There are also several instances where the main character, who is white, is forced to check her privilege. Specifically when her Asian-American best friend has to explain to her why their mothers’ parenting styles differ because of their background.

The film also covers many other important social issues and topics. An example is sexual assault and harassment, which may be triggering for some viewers, however, is handled well by the film. It allows for a realistic, honest conversation between the female students where they are able to understand how unfair their treatment has been. Another important issue addressed is the role of others in not facilitating harassment. The male teacher tries to avoid getting involved in gender-based arguments, however, one student reminds him that,  “If you’re doing nothing you’re part of the problem.”

While I will not spoil the end, as it does conclude the movie well, I will say that it is satisfying for the viewer. What makes Moxie such a good movie is the way it addresses social issues in a way that includes all types of women in the conversation. Moxie reminds viewers of two important lessons. First is the importance of inclusivity and intersectionality and the second is the role media has in encouraging and promoting this same inclusivity and intersectionality.  

Adrianne Hutto

Manhattan '24

Freshman Communications Major at Manhattan College in the Bronx.
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