Why You Need to Listen to Your Body

With finals coming around the corner, you may be feeling tired, overworked, and most of all drained. It’s nothing short of common to feel this way, especially around this time of the semester. Trying to balance your workload, extracurriculars, and social life can seem impossible among the due dates and busy schedules. However, when you start to feel as if you have nothing left to give and can’t keep your eyes open anymore, it’s time to start listening to your body.


When your body is drained of energy, you won’t be working at maximum capacity. This can affect your school work and attitude. There is nothing worse than trying to write a paper sleep-deprived. From my own experience, it only leaves me more devoid of energy and frustrated at the outcome. Also, exhaustion affects your mood, leaving you more irritable and grumpy than you normally are. Not only does this affect your outlook on what you are doing, but other people won’t want to be around either.  


Honestly, I can’t stress enough the importance of listening to your body. If you’re tired, sleep! Hungry? Eat some nourishing food. Frustrated from school? Take a break and start over when your feeling refreshed. While this sounds like common sense, more often than not we ignore what the signals our body to continue the tasks we are working on. By listening to your body, and acknowledging the signs that it gives you, you will overall be more happy and satisfied in the upcoming weeks before finals! Good luck, Jaspers!