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Why I Keep A Journal

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By Ciara O’Leary

I’ve had a journal for years now, but it wasn’t something I was always into. At first, I would use it to vent about my problems – whether it be school, boys, friends, etc. Over the years, my relationship with my journal has changed as I’ve gone through countless notebooks filled with to-do lists, diary entries, journal prompts, and more.

Having a journal is very therapeutic. You can really be yourself and release all of your feelings onto the page. Although it doesn’t always help, it can definitely feel like a relief when you feel like you don’t have anyone to talk to about something going on in your life. Oftentimes when I look back at my old journals, it makes me laugh and sort of cringe at my past self.

I always use my journal for making lists, whether it be for packing, grocery shopping, books I want, or just a to-do list for the day; it really helps to keep me organized and on top of things. While traveling, I like to take it with me to make mini, loose itineraries for my days to ensure that I make the most of my trip.

There are so many journal prompts out there that can be really fun. I normally like to do affirmations and manifestation prompts. I’m not sure that they actually do anything, but I like to believe they do. Other prompts include gratitude, reflection, self-growth, self-esteem, and really anything you can think of. Journal prompts get you thinking about questions you might not normally ask yourself.

When I’m bored, I often just start to doodle in my journal and write down what I’m feeling. I don’t write in it every day, but I’ve definitely been more into it the past few months than ever before. I think that keeping a journal would be beneficial for everyone, and I highly suggest you keep one too. 

Jana Clark

Manhattan '22

Jana Clark is a senior at Manhattan College majoring in Communication with a minor in Environmental Studies. Her passions include writing, photography, and health/nutrition! One day she hopes to work for a nonprofit organization where she can be part of the effort to end the marginalization of vulnerable communities and fight for social justice. You can often find Jana volunteering, at the gym, or exploring different parts of the Big Apple.
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