We’re Living for iLiv Cycling

Are you looking for a fun, trendy way to workout? Are you looking for a more enjoyable way to stay fit? Do you love acai bowls? If so, then I have the answer for you: iLiv Cycling. 

This past week I had the amazing opportunity to attend a class at iLiv Cycling, a new cycling place that just opened by Overlook (451 W 238th Street). Cycling has recently become one of the most popular and ever-growing ways to work out. I had never taken a cycling class before, so I was excited to find out what exactly it entails. It may seem like simply riding a stationary bike, but as I learned it’s much, much more than just that–– and I absolutely LOVED it! 

Upon walking into the iLiv studio, I was welcomed by the friendly faces of the iLiv team who were just as excited as me to be there. Despite walking into a cycling class without any prior experience, I felt comfortable enough to get right into it. Being surrounded by colorful strobe lights, music that pumps you up and motivating instructors, I was excited to get started!

When the class began, it didn’t feel like I was working out… but I was. While I pedaled along to the beat of the music, it was like I was dancing on a bike rather than riding it, which made the whole working-out aspect so much more enjoyable. I was laughing, sweating, and just having such a fun time with my friends. Often times when I go to the gym, I get bored running the treadmill or lifting weights and I focus too much on how tired I am, and then my motivation for working out disappears. Yet when cycling at iLiv, I was never bored or tired–– my mind was simply focused on having fun, and getting in a good workout was just a bonus.

Although it didn’t necessarily feel like I was working out, I still certainly was. I felt as if I was able to work out my whole body efficiently only within an hour, because the class can be as intense as you’d like to make it. I was able to get a good workout and it was a workout that came easy to me. In addition to focusing on toning your body, the main focus of the class was to just have a good time!

To top of my experience at iLiv, after cycling class I grabbed one of their delicious Acai bowls. It was so refreshing to eat something fresh and healthy after having a great work out, and I left iLiv that day feeling accomplished! And better yet, even if I'm not in the mood for cycling, I can easily walk from campus to get their acai bowls, which is great considering they’re the only nearby place that sells them! 

Hour long classes are held at iLiv Cycling Mondays at 6 a.m. and Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. Personally, I can’t wait to take another class again just to be able to have a fun, yet beneficial experience for my personal health and well-being. And as a broke college student continuously looking for fun, easy, and cheap ways to stay in shape, this was perfect. 

For more information, visit @ilivcycling on Instagram!