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Redeeming Yourself After Midterm Grades

Congrats, you made it through midterms! One of the most dreaded weeks in college is over and you can now breathe in and exhale out all that stress that was built up studying. Hopefully all your midterms went as planned, but if they did not, here’s a few things to keep in mind as you finish the rest of the semester.

The first thing you should do post midterms is relax. Take the time to catch up on lost sleep from staying up till 2 a.m. studying, watch those new episodes of your favorite TV show you missed, and enjoy yourself. Take the time to focus on yourself more, and less about academics.  

Once you feel rejuvenated, reflect on your academic performances in each class the first half of this semester. This is a great way to find out why you may not be scoring as high on your essays and reports or not feeling prepared enough for assessments and labs. 

After finding some of the roots to your midterm grades not being where you desire, get some help at one of the student run support centers on campus. These centers are amazing tools to help guide you to success the rest of the semester. They offer services such as brainstorming and correcting essays, tutoring in all different classes and topics, finding ways of studying that work the best for you, and having someone take notes for you in a class. The best part of these student centers is that most of them do not require commitment. This means that you could get a tutor to help you for just one question and not have to come back at all the rest of the semester. 

Your professors are another great tool for bouncing back the final weeks of the semester. Asking your professors what you can do to boost your grade is a great way to redeem yourself. They are the experts on the course and can tell you what needs to be done to get the most out of the time left in the semester to achieve your desired grade. 

The last thing you can do to redeem yourself after midterms is learn from your mistakes. It is very likely that your finals will have the same topics on it that your midterms did. Find out what you did wrong on your midterms and make sure to go over the questions or topics until you understand them so you can guarantee to get them correct on the final!

Midterm grades do not always come back the way you hope. However, there is still another half to the semester left to bump that grade up and redeem yourself. 

I hope you find these tips helpful and best of luck with the rest of the semester and finals!


Casey Schellberg

Manhattan '23

Casey is a junior at Manhattan College majoring in Childhood Education with a concentration in math and psychology. In her spare time she enjoys hanging out with friends, shopping, and exploring NYC. Casey is also a part of Manhattan’s cheerleading team and serves as an RA on campus. She is loving her new home as a Jasper at MC and cannot wait to see what the upcoming years bring!
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