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My Top 4 Tips for Fighting Seasonal Depression

During this time of the year, certain everyday tasks may seem more difficult. Between the cold temperatures, less hours of daylight, and ongoing stress of college life, Its no surprise you may be feeling some seasonal blues.

As it gets colder and darker, we forget the impact this may have on many of our mental health. It is important to prioritize yourself and what your body and mind need during this shifting time.

Here are my top 4 tips for fighting off seasonal depression. Try these when you’re feeling down and see what works for you.

1. Making your room cozy

Since in climate cold weather forces us to either stay inside or bundle up, why not make your room feel extra cozy during this time! There are ways to enjoy the winter holiday by utilizing the warmth to fight against the weather. Try investing in lots of comfortable fluffy pillows, blankets, and slippers! Even adding a little bit of holiday cheer within these components, such as buying Christmas-themed blankets, is a great way to feel excited for the holidays. 

2. Walks with your pet, a friend, or a loved one

During colder months, going on walks with those I love has been beneficial. I love observing the changes of leaves on the trees or looking at houses to distract myself from the weather. Walking is essential when it is still fully light out, such as the morning. Therefore you are absorbing light! This also distracts from the changing hours and times when it becomes dark early. Walking with someone or a pet you love is a great way to feel upbeat and grateful for the sights around you. 

3. Winter activities 

Another great way to bring positivity to the cold weather and changing times is doing fun winter activities with your friends! A ski trip or simply sledding is not only a great way to have fun in the winter but also a way to interact with the weather. Bring your friends together and plan a weekend where you can go sledding together or design and create a super fun ski trip! At the end of these activities, you can enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate

4. Morning runs

Waking up early may be a challenge, but it is worth it; This is one of those times. Waking up early and moving your body is a great way to absorb the morning sunlight while feeling fulfilled. This allows you to spend time outside in the hottest hours of the winter. Making this a habit is also a great way to secure a structured routine, making it easier to forget about the changing weather; your body may become accustomed and used to the cold weather the more you run!

Colette Barron

Manhattan '23

Hi! I’m Colette and I’m from Long Island NY. I’m a Junior and I’m a communication major with a concentration in public relations with a minor in psychology. I’m interested in fitness, health & wellness, beauty as well as fashion and thrifting! I’m excited to be part of HerCampus at MC! :)
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