Meet Joey Serulle

Name: Joey Serulle

Age: 20

Hometown: Wyckoff, New Jersey

Year: Junior

Major: Marketing

Favorite Food: Any type of Pasta with a nice sauce on top. 

RF: What's your spirit animal?

JS: A dog. Because I'm a loyal companion.

RF: What have you enjoyed most about your time here at Manhattan?

JS: Probably the community. I really love how the students are able to build a relationship with the people in the surrounding areas like the delis and the bars. It really starts to make the area feel like home because you know that if something happens the community has your back .

RF: Tell me about your clothing brand Simplexity?

JS: Simplexity is a unisex clothing brand started in 2015 by my friends Rolando and Joshua. This past year I actully took over partial ownership from Rolando and have been working towards spreading the word about the company accross campus. In fact, this semster Simplexity is going to be part of Manhattan's first ever Fashion Show. The shows going to be April 29th on the quad, so be there!

RF: What are your plans for after graduation?

JS: I'm hoping to get a job that makes at least 70k and eventually settle down with a woman that I love. I would also love to get the chance to travel and see a lot of the world.

RF: Three places I'd like to travel in the world?

JS: Thailand, Hong Kong, and Hawaii.