It's Never Too Late In the Semester to Get Organized

We all know that feeling when the last few days of break are coming to an end and all of a sudden you start receiving emails from school every day. If words like “textbooks are posted” or “pay your tuition” are starting to stress you out, here are a few ways you can prepare for the upcoming semester without too much stress! 

As soon as you receive the first email that your textbooks are posted for your classes, go and check them out! By going to Self- Service, clicking student, then registration, you will have the option to view textbooks for all your registered courses. This way, you can look at different stores to find your textbooks for the lowest possible cost. Amazon and Chegg are also reputable companies that usually offer textbooks at a lower cost. (These two sites are usually my go-to's!)

Once you’re back on campus, print out your schedule from Self-Service and hang it over your desk so you can always see it. I recommend checking Moodle before you go to class, as occasionally professors will ask you to print something out for the first day. 

Be sure to set your bag up the night before so you aren’t rushing to your first class! I always order a set of spiral notebooks in advance for each class to use, that way I have something to write in right away on the first day. Usually the first week of class is going through the syllabus, but some of your professors may start teaching the first day.  Make sure to get a planner to stay on top of school work and any other meetings you may have. 

Once you get your syllabus for each class, you should take some time to write tests and paper due dates into your planner so you never miss a deadline. This is truly the key to success in avoiding those day-of panic attacks, when you realize you have completely forgotten about a test or quiz! Another tip to stay on top of your course material is to write down your professor’s office hours in your planner. Be sure to get a good night’s sleep and eat a good breakfast before your first class. I find it helpful to take a picture of your schedule and favorite it in your phone so it is easily accessible. We all can relate to the struggle of remembering where each class is and what time you need to be there- I promise, this will make your life SO much easier.

Coming back to school is always hard after a break but everyone is in the same position. We all have a fresh new start and staying organized from the beginning can really make a difference in your semester! Wishing Jasper Nation the best of luck this semester!