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How to Not Get Sick at School

We all hate being sick, especially at school. Unfortunately, I can’t promise you that these following tips will guarantee you NOT getting sick. However, these have been proven preventative steps to guard sickness away. 

Get the Flu Shot 

This flu season, I did not get my flu shot and I ended up getting the flu. Now, there’s a lot of controversy regarding the flu shot. Some people deny it protects you from anything and is actually harmful. When I was a child, I grew up around parents that wouldn’t vaccinate their kids and speak in length about how vaccines cause things like autism or cancer. My mom really let me decide if I should want the flu shot and every time I said no because I had never had the flu, so I didn't know how bad it actually is. I was out of school a whole week, had fevers up to 105, spent countless nights in the hospital trying to get my fever to go down and was bed ridden for 5 days. Once I was longer contagious, I couldn't walk properly because my muscles were weak from not moving for five days and I was out of breath and energy for at least another week. Needless to say, I'm going to get the flu shot every year. 

Take Vitamin C

Taking a Vitamin C supplement can really do great things for your immune system. For example, my boyfriend visited me everyday when I had the flu. I was so worried he would end up sick. He was taking a vitamin C supplement everyday and did not get sick once this flu season. There are other reasons he might have not caught the flu like a strong immune system. However, I think it's rather astonishing because my own mother got sick shortly after I did and she wasn't taking any vitamins

Wash your hands

This tip is very cliche but there’s a lot of benefits from washing your hands, especially before you eat. After I got sick, I started noticing how many germs I was picking up from door handles, gym equipment or your desk in class. Before you eat, and put your hands anywhere near your face, do yourself a big favor and wash your hands. This flu season you have to do everything and anything to not get sick. 


Exercising regularly has 101 benefits but one of the most important is it boosts your immune system. Working out flushes bacteria out of your lungs and causes changes in antibodies and white blood cells. These white blood cells are responsible for detecting and fighting illness. 


Your body becomes very vulnerable when it is not hydrated. Dehydration lowers the amount of blood and lymphatic fluids in your body which are responsible for immune system response. In fact, dehydration can not only impair your immune system but lead to autoimmune diseases. 

Stay healthy ladies! Hope these tips will help prevent you from getting sick!