How To Be Motivated To Work Out When You Hate It

With the new school year approaching, many of us have goals to exercise and work out more. If you’re someone that loves to work out or play sports, this is an easy one for you. If you’re like me, and hate it, maybe not so much. To me, working out is just a lot of work. It takes out of your day and most of us are already busy enough, not to mention it’s sweaty and not exactly cute. I would LOVE to be one of those people who enjoys exercise, but sadly, I’m just not and that probably won’t change. However, we have to work out and exercise.

There’s no doubt about it; exercise is amazing for your body and your health, and there can be some serious negative consequences if you don’t do it. So here are some tips for how to be motivated when you hate working out:

Sign up for workout classes: This one is great because there is a set time to do it. You have to go to that class, and there is no procrastination. Plus, you can drag your friends to it, and it becomes that much more fun to do something social and accomplish your fitness goals together. 

Find something that you actually like: For years in high school, I was running track and playing soccer. And guess what? I hated them both!! However, for years I was in shows and dramas, so I went back to my love for dance. I signed up for yoga and zumba and I look forward to those classes so much more now!

Listen to motivating music or watch your favorite TV show: There have been studies that prove you will have a better workout if you listen to music. It pumps you up and can put you in a better mood. I know that I personally I look forward to working out more when I have a great new song or album to listen to. You can also be motivated to watch that new episode of your favorite TV show while on the treadmill or bike. 

Set a definitive and realistic goal: You’re not going to be running half marathons when you first start out, so take things slow. Remember your original goal, whether it be to build muscle, or simply be healthy! Exercise has more benefits than just losing weight. Write down that goal in places where you know you’ll see it, so that it will remind you and inspire you.

Don’t compare yourself: This is quite possibly one of the worst things you can do when trying to be motivated to exercise. Social media workout accounts can be toxic with this, as well as celebrities. Remember that these people have a LOT more money, resources, and fake imagery! Nobody is going to look like Ariana Grande in the “Side To Side” video or Beyonce at Coachella without tons of makeup and professionals around them!

It may seem tough, but you will get there!! Exercise is a work in progress, but you will find out what works for you eventually!! You got this girl!!!