Healthier Dessert Options

Winter break is officially over and the spring semester is in full swing! It is time to get back into a routine and with that comes staying on top of our new year's resolutions. This year I am trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle by eating better. I have to say I am someone who likes sweet stuff but I have found some dessert/snack options that will satisfy my cravings without overdoing things. Here are some of my healthier dessert options I have been enjoying. 


The first time I tried mochi I really did not like it. I hated the doughy outside and how it felt against my teeth. The second time I tried mochi I loved it! It is such a great alternative to a big bowl of ice cream. My favorite brands would have to be the My/Mo Mochi and Bubbies. I love the strawberry and blood orange flavours the best! Each mochi is around 90-100 calories making it a perfect healthier dessert option.

Fruit and Dark Chocolate

Are you constantly finding yourself craving chocolate? Maybe you should consider melting some dark chocolate and dipping your favorite fruits in it! I love strawberries so whenever I have a sweet tooth, I will melt a few dark chocolate chips in a bowl and dip my fruit inside. It is a great alternative to having a chocolate bar that is full of calories. 


Homemade muffins are the perfect alternative to eating a cake, cupcake or any pastry like item. Muffins are something you can customize to suit your likes and dislikes. I enjoy almond butter banana muffins or chocolate chip muffins. They are healthy and full of nutritious ingredients. Just google healthy muffin recipes and find what suits your likes!

I hope you enjoyed reading about some healthier dessert options. Best of luck in the spring semester and keep up your new year's resolutions! You can do it!