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Sex education is definitely a touchy subject in schools, and sometimes they do not cover everything; a class can only talk about so much. In my classes in particular, the teacher talked about how we should abstain from sex, and if we did partake in sexual activity to use protection whether that be a contraceptive pill or condom. However, although the repercussions of unsafe sex were discussed, there was never any talk about what to do if we did make mistakes. This led me to do my own research.
As most people know, the main remedy after unprotected sex is the Plan B pill, commonly known as the morning-after pill. Basically, the Plan B pill postpones your next egg release, more commonly known as the ovulation period, inhibiting the impregnation process. Although it may seem like an easy option, there are many side effects of taking the pill that many people do not know about. According to Planbonestep.com in order for the pill to be able to work, it needs to be taken within 72 hours of when the act of unprotected sex was committed. This is because the sooner you take it, the more likely it will work to its utmost potential.
The Mayo Clinic also describes the aftermath of taking the morning-after pill. One side-effect is that it will delay your next period. It can also cause spotting in between cycles, however, if the spotting lasts longer than a week, contact your doctor. Similar to other medications, Plan B can cause dizziness, vomiting, fatigue, or headaches. Like PMS (premenstrual syndrome) symptoms, there is also the possibility of cramping and breast tenderness.
Plan B will not affect future pregnancies, however, it should be not used as a primary form of contraception. It is an emergency pill and should be only used in emergencies. There are some risks associated with taking it especially if you are sensitive to certain medications. It can cause reactions especially if you are allergic to the ingredients. Another risk when taking the Plan B pill is when you are currently taking other medications. These can be medications such as antifungals, antibiotics, HIV medication, or sleeping pills.
One reason a lot of people do not use the Plan B contraceptive pill is because of the price. Typically, Plan B costs upwards of $50 and can be more if you are having it delivered. The prices can be lower though, if you visit Planned Parenthood or your insurance covers it.
The thought of Plan B may be harrowing, but if you are not planning on getting pregnant and have had unprotected sex, it is a viable option. However if you are planning on having sex, plan on using protection. Whether that be male or female condoms or different forms of birth control, be responsible and be safe!

Fiona Dunkel

Manhattan '26

Hi, I'm Fiona! I am a Psychology major and a hopeful future Psychiatrist. I am an undergrad at Manhattan College from Albany, NY. I live with my parents, a little sister named Charlotte, and a dog named Cassie. I am an avid crime show watcher and romance reader. I LOVE coffee and going to little cafes around the city to try out different drinks. I used to play very competitive soccer but stopped due to injury and now my hobbies include spending money on very expensive skincare products and buying overpriced iced lattes. I hope to study abroad within the next two years to be able to broaden my view of the world and learn more about different cultures! My dream is to go to Spain and watch a professional soccer game. My passion for writing started when I was in 3rd grade. I was constantly reading books of all genres and lengths and I wondered if I could write my own. I wrote little songs and mystery "novels," short stories, and poems whenever I could. In the sixth grade, I was recognized for my efforts and one of my poems was to be in a gallery at a nearby college. It jumpstarted my love for writing and ever since then I have constantly written down my thoughts, as well as written and published a book for my English class which was very exciting! I love writing about just about anything, especially when it comes to female empowerment and things I am interested in!