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If you’re like me, January 8 was the day you went absolutely insane. Why you may ask? Because that was the day that “Drivers License” was released and started occupying your entire life. Not only have I convinced everyone in my life to become addicting to the song, but I’ve also let it consume my every conversation (sorry mom for playing the music video on the TV and making you watch), blasted it on repeat in the car, and had my entire “For You Page” on Tik Tok become centered around this song. Since I’ve exhausted everyone in my life with my obsession, it’s only right that I share it here too.

The Singer

This is the debut single from Disney star Olivia Rodrigo known for her role on Disney Channel’s Bizaardvark and Disney Plus’s High School: The Musical: The Series (HSMTMTS). She is a 17-year-old girl with endless vocal talent whose song from HSMTMTS called “All I Want” went viral last year and like “Drivers License” has become a favorite for heartbroken teens to cry and scream to.

The Heartbreaker

As soon as you listen to the relatable lyrics of this song that explores teenage heartbreak, the immediate question that comes to mind is who hurt this poor girl? The heartbreaker in question is Joshua Basset, co-star of Olivia Rodrigo on HSMTMTS. He, too, is a very talented singer who was beloved by fans of the show for his adorable nature and incredible voice. Joshua Basset and Olivia Rodrigo played love interests who pined for each other through catchy songs, some of which they wrote together. Joshua Basset is currently 20 years old and Olivia Rodrigo turns 18 in February. Because she was only 17, it is rumored that Basset was going to wait for her to turn 18 for them to be together. Things did not go as planned and he has now moved on. 

The Blonde 

One of the most passionately sung lyrics by many is one that reads “and you're probably with that blonde girl who always made me doubt, she's so much older than me, she's everything I'm insecure about.” Said blonde is another former Disney star Sabrina Carpenter from Girl Meets World who Basset has been spotted with frequently. As said in the song, Rodrigo is only 17 while Carpenter is 21 marking a big age difference and further feeding into the theory that this song is all about Joshua Basset moving on from the singer with Carpenter.

Learning to Drive

Many wonder how fans can be so certain that this song is about Joshua Basset. For months, it was presumed that their on-screen love had shifted off-screen as well. Together, Basset and Rodrigo co-wrote “Just for a Moment” which was selected to be a part of HSMTMTS. In an interview, she discusses when she found out that this song was selected for the show and going out to celebrate with Basset. She spoke on how their celebration included her driving around for the first time ever in a parking lot, him teaching her how to drive. From here, an iconic song was born and teens everywhere are eternally grateful for what came from the laps taken in that In-N-Out parking lot.

I’m sure your obsession and curiosity have been kick-started from this drama. Jump in your car, turn up the music, and blast “Drivers License.” Pack yourself some tissues and allow yourself to fall into the rabbit hole of an obsession with Olivia Rodrigo, Joshua Basset, and “Drivers License.”

Skylar Rossi

Manhattan '23

I am a sophomore at Manhattan College pursuing a double major in political science and communications with a business minor.
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