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By Samantha Keating

Mantras are one of the most powerful ways to attempt control over your mind. While it is so easy to be overcome with negativity, it is important to focus on your own mental and physical health. Try repeating one of these with a deep breath when you find your mind being overcome with unhappy thoughts and remember, “this too shall pass.”

“I create my own path and walk it with joy.”

Try this one out when you are feeling out of control over a situation or when you need a little joy in your day.

“I am not afraid to be wrong.”

This is a hard pill for most people to swallow. While nobody wants to be wrong, it is a part of life that we need to embrace. Being wrong can be a beautiful thing because it is an indication that you have so much more to learn. 

“I will have a good day, because it’s my choice.”

I love starting my day with this mantra. I like to remind myself that I have the power to control my mindset and influence how my day goes.

“Good health is a practice, and I have patience.”

Patience is key always, especially when it comes to healthy habits. It takes time to take care of yourself and as difficult as it may be you have to have faith in yourself and the process.

“I listen to my body and give it what it needs.”

Indulgence can be a good thing. If your body wants something you need to listen to it; you only have one body and you need to cherish it to the best of your ability. If your body is telling you to sleep, give it what it needs, and if it’s telling you it wants a chocolate donut you should treat yourself to that as well (You deserve it!).

“Every cell in my body is alive and beautiful.”

A beautiful mantra that I love to say before bed. It is so important to appreciate all of yourself. All of your cells work together to form you, and that is so beautiful.

“I surrender to the flow and have faith in the ultimate good.”

This is a great mantra to repeat when you feel overwhelmed and as if things are not going your way. Take a deep breath and remember that whatever is meant to be will be in due time.

“I exist. I am powerful. I love. I am.”

This is my favorite mantra. It is a reminder how your general existence and capacity to love is so amazing and powerful. The emotions we are granted as human beings are so amazing and we should indulge with them as much as we can. 

I hope these mantras can help you as much as they have helped me. Remember to breathe and how positivity is key!

Samantha Keating

Manhattan '24

Sophomore at Manhattan College studying elementary and special education with an English concentration!
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