7 Ways to Stay Positive

Having a positive mindset can improve your life and well-being in numerous ways. Although it can be tough to stay positive all the time, I encourage you to try and look on the brighter side of life because it will only serve to benefit you. 

A study done by Psychreg, one of the world's leading online resources for psychology, mental health and well-being, addressed the impacts of positive thinking. In this study, participants were asked if they saw the glass as half full or half empty. The group that saw the glass as half full lived on average 10 years longer than the group that reported the glass as half empty. Other studies they reported show a positive correlation between positivity and memory, problem solving skills, immune system and nervous system function. It’s clear that being positive can improve our well-being, so how can we incorporate more positivity into our lives? Here are some helpful suggestions: 

1. A Jar of Good Things

One of my favorite ways to stay positive is to have a jar of good things. Personally, I could never get into journaling the way a lot of my friends do, so my jar of good things became my way of journaling. You take a mason jar or any other type of container you have and everytime something good happens, you write it on a piece of paper with the date and put it in the jar. You do this for the calendar year and then open it on news year day to remember all the good times you had. It is a great keepsake as well as a tool to help you find the good in everyday life.  

2. Compliment Others

The whole philosophy behind being a positive person is to look for the good. One of the easiest ways to look for the good is to find it in others. Taking the time to find good qualities in others improves your mental health while establishing positive relationships with other people. 

3. Follow Positive Accounts

Social media has become very integrated into our daily life. Following positive accounts is a great way to make your mindset part of your daily routine. My personal favorites are @fiveminutejournal, @goodgoodgoodco, and @thegoodquote on Instagram. 

4. Eat Well

This might be a weird one but trust me it works. Eating well and healthy has such a positive impact on our bodies and it impacts our mood far more greatly than we realize. For example, take the instance when you are out somewhere and you are starving food. Suddenly all you can think about is how hungry you are. This causes you to be irritable and cranky. Let's be honest, no one is considered positive when they are hangry. Fueling your body gives you the ability to function properly. 

5. Avoid complaining

This is a tough one and believe me, I am no were near an expert at it. But complaining is only reinforcing negative ideas in your head. Instead, be mindful of your thoughts and try to correct your thinking. For example, if you find yourself complaining about a rough day with your mother, try to spin it in your head that you had a good day because you got the chance to see your family. 

6. Have hope

The hardest time to stay positive is when there are a lot of negative events happening in your life. The difference between negative and positive people is positive people are able to acknowledge that bad things may be happening, but they can either make it better or they know it will become better over time. Though pain and suffering suck, it's a temporary feeling and will go away eventually. 

7. Realize being Positive is Work 

It’s easy to assume that people are either happy or they aren’t. In some cases, such as people who suffer from anxiety or depression, being positive is a lot more work. Becoming a positive person takes time and effort. There is a negative stigma around saying that life is difficult and happiness does not come naturally, but it is the truth. The good news is there is so much you can do to be positive. 

I hope these tips help you, and remember to stay positive!