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15 Reasons Why to Go to Manhattan College


1. The Academics 

We know we should logically base our college decisions off of this, because after all the point of college is to get educated. But often times other factors overshadow this reason. But if you are focused on the academics, Manhattan College has your back. I’d say a majority of the professors really know what they’re talking about and come from impressive backgrounds. They’ll challenge you in the classroom, but it’s for your own good to help you learn. 

2.  The Community 

I can’t stress this reason enough, but you won’t find a community like Manhattan’s on most college campuses. It truly is welcoming of all kinds, and it’s a place where everyone supports each other. Due to the smaller size everyone seems to know everyone, and the phenomenon of a “small world” really comes into play. Trust me, it’s a comforting feeling to see a familiar face everywhere you go (especially coming to college for the first time and being in a new environment).

3. The Size

You’ll hear this a lot as one of Manhattan’s marketing techniques, that the small size is what the school has going for them. It’s true though- personally, I love the small size. This says a lot considering I transferred here from a big state school. The class size is around 20-30 students and you really get to know the professors, which will only benefit you in the end when you need help on a topic or when you’re looking for job recommendations. Also, you can’t forget that the small size creates such an amazing, comforting community. 

4. The City

Although the campus has a homier feel and we don’t look as if we’re a city school, we’re still technically in New York City. Manhattan is only a train ride away from campus and is bursting with so many opportunities, including job/internship opportunities during the year. Not too many people can say they have the luxury of such easy accessibility to the city. 

5. The Alumni Network 

My mom (an alum of course) would always tell me how great the alumni network is, and she’s right. Whenever I told anyone I was going to Manhattan, they’d say “I went there,” or “I know someone who went there” or “that’s such a great school.” People know Manhattan College, and that will help when you network. 

6. The Pretty Campus 

Although the buildings are old, there’s something really gorgeous about the brick architecture and layout of the campus. Also, it’s no wonder why the school’s color is green because there’s green plants and shrubbery EVERYWHERE– and it’s absolutely stunning. From cascading waterfalls of ivy to numerous trees and flowers, walking through campus makes you feel like you’re in some enchanted forest. 

7. The Food

Okay, I’ll be honest here. The dining hall food… well, it’s college food. It’s not like a 5-star gourmet restaurant, but it’s not terrible either. I’ve always managed to find healthy options. But there are amazing restaurants close to campus with great options. There’s Broadway Joe’s, Jake’s Steakhouse, Tortoise & Hare, and so many other great pizza options. 

8. The Social Life 

We’re a bar school with the occasional frat party or two. There are a number of local bars near campus, and like I said before, Downtown is so easily accessible with an unlimited amount of social opportunities. That being said, the social scene is fun! Although we’re not considered a “party school,” you’ll still be able to find somewhere to party. 

9. The Activities 

There’s always something going on at Manhattan! Sometimes you have to look a little harder to find an activity, but you will. The fan section at the basketball games can be a little weak at times, but I still think the games are fun. Also, let’s not forget that student engagement hooks you up with discounted tickets to sports games and shows in the city!

10. The Diversity

Manhattan likes to advertise this, but it couldn’t be more true. The student body is very diverse which is so great! You’ll meet new kinds of people from different backgrounds, and everyone is so welcoming and accepting. Props to the Multicultural center (located in Kelly Commons).

11. The People 

I’ll be honest, when I first came to school here I thought everyone would be like your stereotypical “New Yorker”, which looking back at it now, that stereotype is so incredibly rude! BOY was I wrong. I’ve met some of the most friendly and kind-hearted people here. Again, I strongly believe that this ties into the close-knit community and that fact that you’ll always know someone who has your back when you need them. 

12. The Relationships You’ll Make

Maybe it’s the fact that we go to school together and we’re always with each other, but you’ll meet your best friends here. The small size and close community factors into this one too, but you’ll really get to know and love the people around you. 

13. The History 

We have a rich history here at Manhattan— and we date back to 1853. It’s pretty interesting having an established background and being able to see how the college has changed over the years into what it is now. 

14. The Values

Again, the Lasallian values are something the college prides itself on. I admire how the school is focused on implementing important values into our lives- so focused that the values are nonchalantly included in Manhattan’s logo. The 5-pointed star in the stop right corner represents 5 values: faith in the presence of God, respect for all people, quality education, inclusive community and concern for the poor and social justice. Why wouldn’t you want to be a part of an institution that upholds amazing values like these? These values can only serve to benefit you in the end. 

15. You’ll feel at home here 

For me, this is the most important reason. When you have that feeling, you just know. 

As an avid lover of all things writing related, Christine is a born story-teller. She is a junior at Manhattan College majoring Public Relations and minoring in Marketing. When she’s not writing, you can find her exploring NYC, binge watching The Office, or enjoying a good cup of tea. She joined Her Campus after transferring to MC and absolutely fell in love with it! She is currently the Campus Correspondent of her chapter, and hopes her articles can entertain and inspire women everywhere. After college, she plans to continue writing and hopes to publish a book one day. Be sure to check out her college lifestyle blog Christineeve.com!
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