6 Yummy Veggie Soups for Autumn (and they're healthy!)

Soups are an easy and quick meal for when you have less time than normal, and when arriving back at university this autumn these soups match both the season and the end of summer eating. Using autumn produce such as peas and pumpkin, these soups are perfect for keeping warm.

1) Red Pepper and Red Lentil

With lots of flavour and texture, this soup is perfect for a light but substantial dinner, adding to your five-a-day!

2) Thai Pumpkin Soup

A twist on the usual pumpkin, this soup adds a little extra flavour with a Thai flavouring that may sound odd but promises to be delicious! With 192kcalories per serving you could add a side of bread and butter, and to lower the calorie count use light coconut milk (although the normal does taste better!)

3) Roasted red tomato bisque

Easy, tomato(ey), and yummy. You can’t go wrong with this twist on the traditional tomato, and as a bisque it has a lighter texture than the thick tomato soup. Roast the tomatoes beforehand for an extra burst in flavour, I promise it’s well worth the wait. You can also pass on the sherry and use vegetable stock if you’re a vegetarian!

4) Leek and potato

My favourite, a traditional hearty soup with no need for onions. The leeks carry their own weight and if you sweat them for long enough in the pan to bring out the flavour, they taste even better when mixed with the potato. This soup can be a little lumpy so mashing it up at the end may help, and you can always add some milk if it’s a little thick.

5) Creamy mushroom soup (without the cream for a healthier option)

With or without the cream, mushroom soup is an all-time favourite. Add onions if you’re not adding cream to make it a little more substantial, but if not, enjoy this classic soup that is enough to warm you up on a chilly Manchester evening!

6) Pea (or add other veggies for extra greenness)

Although it’s not as autumn-y as the rest, this soup is light enough to remind you of summer! Vegetables such as green beans or asparagus will add extra greenness (and healthiness) to the soup so you know that this soup was well worth the time and the ingredients. There are literally hundreds of variations on the traditional “pea” so make this soup a little more exciting by adding more veg!

(Photo credits to pizzamanak.com, mocoalliance.org, sbs.com, mixedgreensblog.com)