Thank You, Next?

“Thank you next,” are the famous lyrics spoken by Ariana Grande, but can she really move on to the next? As women of the world, we fail to acknowledge all the situations that break us down and the affects that they have on us. There are plenty of Ariana’s in the world who get up every morning and go about their day without giving time to their emotional and mental health.

Ariana was a witness and victim to a bombing at her concert and some people decided to blame her for the tragedy. Last year, ex boyfriend, rapper Mac Miller committed suicide by over dosing. People immediately blamed Ariana Grande for his death and drug use. Without a doubt Ariana has endured a lot of pain, but few realize this due to the smile painted on her face.

Women are like sponges that soak up every negative situation until we can not anymore. We have been taught that we just need to cry and suck it up because that is life. There are many women who have not been able to properly find genuine support or sympathy in our society.

Social media has been one of the main forms of communication that has brought depression and lack of self-esteem to Ariana Grande. The same for the many other women that log on to their own platform. Although, many people do not realize how much a person is struggling because you see a smile on their face. This smile does not always mean that everything is alright.

As women we do not show enough support, love and care for each other. Being able to say “I can not handle this,” or “I need help,” needs to be something that comes naturally. Nobody is capable of carrying these heavy burdens on their own. If you are struggling with your mental heath, you should stop soaking up the pain and find a healthy way to release it. Do not say “Thank you, next,” if you are not able to move on to the next chapter of your life. Handling pain in a negative manner does not make you strong. Accepting it and moving past it makes you stronger.