Positivity During the Holiday Season

With the holidays coming up, it is normal to scan and analyze different aspects of your life. We tend to focus on the things in our lives that we want to improve or change. By doing that, we forget to be thankful for all that has happened. If you are thinking like that, it is time to change your, “I cannot believe things did not happen the way that I wanted,” to “I am so glad that it went the other way.” One of the main things that we should learn in life is to be thankful. With busy routines we often forget about what others have done for us and what we have conquered on our own. For this reason, staying positive during the holiday season can help you feel more grateful and accomplished.

When I was 16, my mom introduced positive psychology to me. Since then, my life and views have been positively impacted by it. As I gave more value to small things in my daily life, I gradually started to feel happier. Here are some tips that can help you be more positive:

  1. 1. Engage In Positive Emotions

    Often when something bad happens in our lives we tend to cultivate anger, sadness, or even frustration. It is normal to feel these emotions, but at times try to flip them into more postive ones. For example, if you are frustrated that you did not get a good grade in class, turn it into a lesson on what you could have done differently.

  2. 2. Celebrate The Small Accomplishments 

    People tend to focus so much on failures that when they do succeed, they do not celebrate or feel proud of themselves. A way to exercise this positive behavior is to celebrate all of your small accomplishments. If you have a goal to go to the gym at least two times a week and you do it, be proud of yourself. Celebrate and give yourself credit for what you have earned. It does not have to be a big event, as long as you made an effort.

  3. 3. Change Your Perspective

    Often, we get stuck in one particular perspective and we forget to see the world with different eyes. You can change your perspective in a variety of ways which can make you discover more about the environment you live in and yourself. Sometimes, a small change is all we need to improve our positivity. 

  4. 4. Cultivate Good Relationships

    Holidays were always a time that made me rethink who I surround myself with. Sometimes we have people in our lives that do not cheer us up and only take our energy away. Stay close to friends and family that you know you can count on anytime. Think about who makes you feel good and who makes you feel exhausted. 

  5. 5. Be Thankful

    Gratitude is the purest form of recognizing the things in your life that make up who you are. For example, your family, friends, the food you eat and the bed you sleep in are all things that we should acknowledge and be grateful for. Thankfulness increases your feeling of wellbeing which leads to positive behaviors and a better perspective of your life. 

  6. 6. Wellbeing Is Your Priority

    Our wellbeing is what truly matters in life and should be our main priority. Be aware of what makes you happy and what does not. Stay away from things that make your energy feel low. When it comes to your happiness nothing else matters. 

  7. 7. Listen To Yourself

    We tend to focus a lot on what people say to us and we forget that our opinion is what truly matters. Trust your instincts and feelings, you know what is best for you. 

It is important for me to find a purpose in my life, have healthy habits, exercise, meditate and eat healthy. Implementing these tips in my daily routine make me feel more positive and happy.

How are you going to stay more positive this holiday season?