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5 Intelligent Eating Choices For a Healthier Life

At the beginning of the year, it is always a good idea to start making healthier choices. However, it is always the right time to reflect and think about how much determination you are putting into exercising and eating habits. Even though you spent hours at the gym, you will lack results if you don’t eat how you are supposed to. But no worries! You can try five intelligent substitutions from now on, so you have healthier options in what you consume. 

Cucumbers For Chips
Cucumber Slice
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Commonly, we choose chips for a snack or to accompany a sauce or food and feel fullness. It is essential to realize that chips bring preservatives and are high in salt, not suitable for your body. Next time you think of getting chips, trade them for cucumbers. Cucumbers are low in calories and rich in water. This is a healthier substitution that will accompany your delicious meal. Check this lemon and cucumber salad recipe. 

Hummus For Ketchup
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Sometimes it is tough to contain the desire to get ketchup for your meal. However, ketchup brings high levels of sugar and sodium. Instead, you can choose to have hummus which is rich in fiber and low in sodium. You can even make homemade hummus with this recipe

Avocado For Mayonnaise
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Such as the ketchup scenario, others are more addicted to mayonnaise. If you consider yourself one of them, try substituting it for avocado. The avocado takes care of your heart and is rich in fiber and vitamins. On the other hand, if you stay with mayonnaise, you will get high saturated fat. There are many recipes with avocado, one of the best options is definitely the avocado toast

Greek Yogurt For Sour Cream

Even though the sour cream tastes like glory, it is high in calories, gives saturated fat, and raises our cholesterol. This is why Greek yogurt is a more intelligent option. It is rich in protein and probiotics. The perfect choice! You can make Greek yogurt from scratch at home with this recipe.

A Whole Glass of Milk For Sugary Cereals

Instead of serving yourself a whole bowl of cereal, trade it for a glass of milk. This will be a healthier choice, and you will be consuming fewer calories. Here are the top 7 healthiest milk options for you. 

Remember, it is necessary to start making substitutions and sacrifices to live a healthier life. Even though cheat meals and high calories are delicious, they are not good in the long-term. Substituting your previous meals with more nutritious choices will help you little by little until you can entirely stop consuming unhealthy choices.

Cinthia is a Sophomore at Lynn University majoring in Graphic Design. Originally from Nicaragua, Cinthia decided to study in the United States while remaining in close proximity to her native country; thus, she chose to pursue her education in Florida. In the future, she aims to represent the visual identity of different brands and organizations. Besides her academic interests, Cinthia enjoys photography and hanging out with friends.
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