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Out with the New Year’s Resolutions and in with in New Year’s Manifestations

2020 has finally come to an end (we did it!). We’ve had some highs…and a whole lot of lows. But 2021 is here and it’s time to start fresh. As Sharpay Evans once said, “It’s out with the old and in with the new. Goodbye clouds of gray. Hello, skies of blue.” And what does New Year’s bring? New Year’s resolutions of course!  

When you think of New Year’s resolutions, are you excited — or do you dread it? Or, do you start off excited in the first month and end up dreading it by February (if not sooner)?  

After the ball drops you wake up the next morning, all excited and ready to start anew, writing your goals out — a plan to join a gym and workout regularly, start eating healthier, start that new hobby you’ve always wanted to do, cut out/off old habits — only to completely disregard them within a few weeks or so. What can you do, it happens! But of course, you’re not alone on this one, this seems to be an almost universal phenomenon. 

But, why is that? Why is it so hard for us to stick to some silly goals?  

It’s because these resolutions are sometimes, a little too ambitious. They counter our natural tendencies and biases. They fight our current universal laws, or they’re too far out, too specific, or simply boring! That doesn’t, however, mean that we should completely give up our hopes, dreams, and goals. You should never do that! 

I propose an alternative: instead of New Year’s resolutions, try New Year’s manifestations!  

Manifestation essentially means attracting something tangible into your life through belief and willpower.  

Now, how does that differ from resolutions, you might ask. Well, manifestations are not about making aimless long lists of goals that you’re trying to force yourself to do but not enjoy. And, they’re not about denying yourself things that you want (giving up or trying to eat less of something in order to “better” yourself). Ultimately they’re not about reaching a goal to the point that it takes maximum effort while also making you feel miserable.  

They ARE about setting your intentions, thinking highly and positively about yourself and the future, showing gratitude, then releasing it into the atmosphere for God or the universe to handle. Your manifestations should have you feeling good now, feeling good when you reach your goals, and feeling good every step of the way! 

So how can you do this? 

There’s not really a right or wrong with manifesting, it’s whatever feels right to you and makes you feel comfortable. For me when I manifest anything, I like to speak it into existence (saying my desires out loud and sometimes while looking at myself in the mirror), writing them down in my journal (I do the 3-6-9 method), meditate while listening to manifestation frequencies (try 528 Hz), and most importantly keeping a positive and open mindset.  

Manifest your wants, needs, and desires by keeping your eyes, heart, and mind open and available. No matter what process you use, it will happen. Just speak it, believe it, and you will receive it! 

Happy Manifesting! I am ready for the happiness and abundance that 2021 will bring and I hope you are too!

Loyola University Maryland '23
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