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Goodbye, 2020 and Hello, 2021!

That’s a sentence I think most of us have been waiting to say for what seems like forever. Finally, we have a brand-new year. Let’s do everything we can to make it a great one. New Year’s gives everyone a clean slate, a redo. The year resets and we go through the months all over again. It’s a fresh opportunity to change your life. That’s why I’ve always been a big fan of New Year’s and making resolutions. 

Sure, it might sound a little kiddish at first. But when you physically write down all of your goals, you are taking the first step in bringing them to life. It’s easy to daydream about something and want it. However, until you take active steps to make your dream a reality, it will only remain a dream. So, what should you even write your New Year’s Resolution about? Let’s get into that! 

1. Changes in Appearance 

Maybe you’ve been waiting for an excuse to rock that new style that you don’t know if you could pull off. Or do that thing to your hair that you’ve been wanting to forever. Maybe you’re taking your health into consideration and thinking about losing or gaining some weight. Either way, changes in your appearance are healthy and normal! Consider switching it up and starting something new. This can be super impactful, like becoming healthier, or something slight, like getting highlights in your hair. Whatever the case may be, if you think it’ll make you happier and doesn’t harm you, go for it! 

2. Changes in Work 

There might be a promotion as an incentive or, maybe just your own drive to get better. Taking a passion in your work and trying harder to succeed will help to reach work-related goals. Elevating yourself will lead to financial success and pride in your work! If you truly want to become great in your profession, set aside more time for it. Make smarter moves. Brainstorm more. Become even better at your craft. 

3. Changes in Relationships 

Sometimes relationships, both platonic and romantic, need a lot of change. Change can help to repair both simple and complex issues. Maybe you wish that your friend made more time for you. Or you might even think you’ve outgrown them altogether. Careful thought and reflection can help navigate these issues. Also, don’t be afraid to get help if you need it. Seeing a qualified professional for your struggles, such as relationship counseling, can help a lot in difficult situations. The people we surround ourselves with has a great impact on our mentality and perception of the world. In order to become the best version of yourself, take this into consideration. 

4. Changes in Outlook 

I’m sure you’ve heard that attitude is everything. 2020 has been very challenging for most as it is. It’s a whole new challenge to try and make the most of hard times. However, you would be surprised at what a positive attitude can do. By all means, it’s okay to be sad from time to time. It’s normal and perfectly okay. But shifting your perspective can make all the difference. Being grateful that you are alive and healthy is something a lot of people can’t say they have right now. Counting your blessings can change everything. Try to make an active change to see situations in a “glass half full” approach. 

5. Changes in… Nothing 

Change is great. It pushes us to do things outside of our comfort zone and lets us grow as people. But we all deserve a pat on the back! Not everything needs to be changed. Don’t change who you are to conform to society. Human beings are perfect in all the identities that they come from. Take pride in who you are and remain beautifully you.   


Happy New Year! 

Alexa Ingrassia is a sophomore at Loyola University Maryland, majoring in English and minoring in Political Science. She is a very passionate writer for Her Campus and enjoys covering a wide range topics from Culture and Style to Wellness and Lifestyle. In her free time, she can be found painting, baking, or watching a good Netflix series.
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