Tivo: Loyola's Favorite Furry Friend


Tivo is an eight year old therapy dog who has become very familiar with both the Loyola campus and students. Floppy-eared and soft, Tivo is always ready to help out any students who need him. 

Dianna Stencel, Wellness Center Social Worker and one of Tivo's many friends, explains why so many students love this furry friend. "One thing about having a therapy dog on a college campus is that many students miss their dogs. That is something most students comment on when they stop by for Talk with Tivo," Stencel said. "Others wish they had a dog growing up."
Tivo is more than just cute. He's specially trained in providing students with emotional support, which makes him such a great companion to have around Loyola. 
"There is some research that interacting with a dog for as little as 15-20 minutes can lower some stress hormones. In smaller does, like stopping to pet him or watch him relax, is a moment that one can redirect ourselves and be present," Stencel said. "We need more of those moments every day."
Tivo is described to love sleeping, playing fetch and being pet. "Tivo is generally low key unless he is playing with a [ball] - then he is high energy," Stencel said. 
In addition to spending his days in the Loyola Wellness Center, Tivo can be found in various spots around campus. "Talk with Tivo" sessions in the IC are open for any student to come hang out with our favorite black lab! So go hang out with Tivo, he