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Students of Loyola: Justin Rothschild

Students of Loyola: a take on the very exciting, emotional, and raw, Humans of New York. I want to capture the students at Loyola in a way that has not been done before. I want people’s joy and struggles to be out there, without forcing anything too much.


Meet Justin Rothschild



What are you most afraid of?


“I’m most afraid of failing. I feel like young people, historically men, but recently both men and women, are supposed to follow a set path of success. Graduating college is the first step, but a lot of people can’t, don’t want to, or don’t have the means to; of course this just sets them up to fail in our society. There’s a lot of pressure on the youth today to get a good education and find a good paying job. I think we’re doing a lot better to allow people to follow their passions, but sometimes passions don’t pay the bills. I’m scared to fail because I’m unsure what my success looks like.”


I am a fourth year student at Loyola University Chicago. I am highly interested in journalism, and social media marketing, especially when it comes to news and fashion. My current experiences consist of sales in different companies throughout the Midwest, such as Ann Taylor and Kate Spade, and editorial work with various companies, including Her Campus and Orange Coast magazine.
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