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If you’re anything like me, you have been completely obsessed with TikTok for the past year. I love the short and entertaining videos, especially the cooking and baking accounts. I want to share my favorite food creators on the app for when I’m looking for inspiration or a new recipe.



This creator has such a wide variety of content. From baking to recreating chain restaurant meals, she can do everything. If you have ever wanted to save some money and try making your own Chipotle, Chick Fil A or maybe Red Lobster meals, this account will have you covered.


This creator makes some of the most beautiful baked goods I have ever seen. She makes all kinds of rolls, bagels, pretzels and cookies. Each video will be sure to leave your mouth watering. 


This Chef brings fine dining to TikTok. Although I may never make many of these fancy dishes, I love getting inspiration from his recipes, and learning about ingredients I’ve never heard of such as finger limes or green garlic. 


If you’re looking for interesting cookie recipes, quick lunches, or a break from diet culture, Justine has you covered. This account will have you baking cookies for all of your friends in no time. 


Chef Jonathan makes Chinese recipes feel less intimidating and approachable by breaking down ingredients and sauces and recipes for all of your favorite Chinese dishes. 


Jeremy Scheck is truly one of my favorite TikTok creators. He is also a college student, which means that his content and recipes are relatable and usually simple to recreate. He does everything; his account has pasta recipes, drink ideas, baking and more.


Ally is a self-taught pastry chef who shares how to make the most gorgeous cakes, sugar cookies and other fun treats. She shares tons of tips on ingredients and techniques if you are just getting started. 


I am not vegan, but Joanne makes some of the best looking vegan dishes I have ever seen. She shares vegan recipes for traditional Korean dishes, as well as touching stories about her family. 

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At the start of the pandemic, TikTok quickly became my favorite social media platform, in part because of all of these wonderful creators who inspire me to try new recipes and experiment in the kitchen. If you want to learn how to bake, try something new, or just need a little entertainment, all of these content creators will do the trick.

Shannon is a junior majoring in political science at Loyola University Chicago. She loves working out, cooking, and exploring the city.
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