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It’s common knowledge that a large part of physical wellbeing has to do with exercise. The stronger we are, the better we feel. But what does exercise really entail? Does it mean going to the gym? Biking outdoors? Or swimming?


Exercise doesn’t have to mean a long, arduous trip to the gym. I despised going to the gym and being watched by other people for the longest time. However, I had to find something that would allow me to be in touch with my body. That’s why I started doing yoga.


Yoga is a physical practice that allows us to be in touch with our muscles and our minds. I talked with Becky Neal, a yoga instructor who has taught yoga at a few different locations, including CorePower Yoga in Naperville, IL.


“Yoga keeps us present in the moment, which helps us stay focused on what is in front of us at the time,” said Neal.


“Every posture contributes to strengthening, flexibility, and balance,” said Neal.


Yoga encourages you to place your focus on the body and to feel your muscles and limbs. It is an excellent practice for people who want to do something good for their bodies, but don’t want to break a huge sweat every day (people like me!).


I encourage everyone to give yoga a try and to see if it gives you the ability to escape from worries and stress. It’s easy to start practicing. All you need is a yoga mat or a towel. After that, you can look up a yoga Youtube channel and get started!


Here are links to just a few great yoga channels:


Yoga with Adriene


Purple Valley Ashtanga Yoga


Body Positive Yoga


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